Privacy and security

Structured vs. Unstructured data

Privacy and security
How authentication enables automation
Privacy and security
What does it cost, and what can it save you?

About This Lesson

A big part of the reason Integra was founded was to increase data privacy and security. That security comes from the immutability that is provided by the shared ledger, and multiple node system of verification. That’s just one of the major benefits of blockchain.

Information that is written to the blockchain is permanent and publicly available. And therefore, you should never record personal information or sensitive information on it.
Integra Ledger is not designed as a global database for documents and sensitive data. It was designed to record the PROOF OF AUTHENTICITY of data, allowing you to keep the data itself private and secure. By storing just the proof of authenticity, you can avoid sharing more of your sensitive information via email and cloud services. You keep the data private, and share just the Integra ID and hash of the data.

Integra accomplishes the remarkable feat of keeping your data more private and secure while simultaneously increasing the integrity and trust in your data.

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