How Integra works - a practical overview

Structured vs. Unstructured data

How Integra works - a practical overview
Introduction to Integra
What Integra is (NOT)
How Integra works - a practical overview

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One of the most appealing facets of Integra is that it doesn’t require you to switch to new software. Integra enhances the software you already use by adding document and contract authentication to it. In other words, Integra enables your software to read and write authenticated documents.

Proof of this authenticity is saved on the Integra Ledger blockchain in the form of a hash, which is a digital fingerprint of the authenticated document. The documents and contracts themselves are NOT saved the blockchain. They remain private, and in the possession of their owners and authors.

The complete record of document and contract hashes are duplicated and synchronized on multiple nodes of the Integra Ledger blockchain, hosted by major legal industry organizations. This redundancy means that even if one of the nodes were compromised or corrupted, the other nodes would correct for it. This is one of the unique features of blockchain technology that sets it apart - data trust is in the network, rather than in a single software company, cloud, or database.

When you send an Integra-authenticated document or contract to another party, that party can use their own Integra-enhanced software to automatically query Integra Ledger data trust network to confirm authenticity.

When you trust the integrity and authenticity of data you receive, you can automate ways that you use the data in your software - even if the document or contract originated from a different company or law firm using different software!

Proof of data integrity and authenticity ensures accuracy. And if you can replace manual data entry with automated processes, the reduction in errors and labor saves time and money.

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