Structured vs. Unstructured data

Tokenizing Documents
Smart ESG
OneNDA x Integra Ledger

About This Lesson

What exactly is identity? A social security number? A passport? Driver’s license or social media account?
This “identity” is usually issued, owned, and controlled by either a government entity or privately owned company.

Integra is different. You don’t create an account, you create an identity that you own and control, and it takes less than a second.

After you generate a new Integra ID, you can add what we call “attestations” - third party services that can confirm your identity. It’s your choice to provide attestations - for example, if you’re signing a contract and the other party needs to know your credentials.
Integra ID is a way for you to manage your online identity, privately, without relying on a government or software company in the middle.

The Integra Ledger blockchain confirms that your identity exists, without storing any details of it.

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