Tokenizing Documents

Structured vs. Unstructured data

Tokenizing Documents
Tokenizing Documents
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OneNDA x Integra Ledger

About This Lesson

Tokenizing a contract creates a unique digital identity that is recorded permanently on the Integra Ledger blockchain.
Each token represents a combination of Integra ID (a randomized numerical code) and a hash, which is a digital fingerprint of the document.

Visit to try it yourself.
Start by dragging a document onto the site.
Now you have the option to add metadata, like dates and parties, for example - as a precursor to contract automation.
When a contract can be authenticated as it moves through the world, structured data preserved in the metadata can be automated into software applications.

As always, no contract information is stored by Integra. This way, Integra’s tokenization process ensures privacy.

If you have an Integra wallet, you can drag yours onto the page to digitally sign the token, adding provenance, proof of the creator of the token.
Press Tokenize to complete the process.

In the upper right of your document you’ll see a QR code. Scan it with your phone or click on it to visit to confirm the successful creation of the token.
Once tokenized, contracts can easily move between software and even organizations, with the ability to verify their authenticity through the Integra Ledger blockchain.

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